In 2019, Megan (Our District Youth Commissioner) attended the 24th World Scout Jamboree in the US. We asked her to tell us five things she learnt from attending:

1. Cooking was a major part of the experience. In our patrols, we were responsible for cooking tea for 40 people! And, of course, they each had their own specific dietary requirements and preferences. I learnt the skill of cooking for many people and although I won’t be receiving a Michelin star anytime soon, nobody died from my cooking, so I consider it a plus!

2. Don’t be afraid to show off your country. Culture day was one of my favourites on site. The day where everyone dressed up in tradition clothes (as you can see, we were very traditional) or cooked their national dishes and celebrated their country. Getting to see what everyone else was up to was the best experience ever. Sharing our differences while being connected through Scouting was a feeling I will never forget.

3. Take every opportunity to explore. We visited New York, Washington D.C., and Niagara Falls. We had limited time to go around New York, so we had to make the most of it! We had more time in Washington D.C., so I had to prioritise what I wanted to visit the most. Getting to explore such a historical and beautiful city was a definite highlight, but I wish I had explored a bit more and made the most of it.

4. Always, (always!!!), take a coat. I was expecting roasting hot days every day which was half true, however, the last few days on site were waterlogged . Unfortunately, I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been (Lord B-P would not have been impressed) and only brought a poncho. Possibly the thinnest poncho in the world. Also, it was a bit chilly in the evenings, (which was something I didn’t expect) so make sure you check night-time temperatures too!

5. Embrace challenges! At our hosted hospitality, there weren’t any showers (eek! Probably wouldn’t have wanted to be around us at this point of the trip – bit wiffy :/), so we had to shower at a local community sport centre. Although this was an inconvenience, it meant that we had an awesome day out! Essentially, as cheesy as it sounds, just go with the flow. Every cloud…