Is Welsh your first language? Do you speak Welsh at home, at work, or with friends? Or have you decided to start learning Welsh? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you may be eligible for a Welsh Speaker Badge!

The Welsh Speaker Badge can be worn on a leader’s shirt, provided that the leader is comfortable speaking Welsh and that they are compassionate about the language and take every opportunity to use Welsh in Scouts – whether it’s engaging in Welsh conversation with young people and leaders, or even running part of the program through the medium of Welsh.

If you can’t speak Welsh but would like to make the effort to learn the language, check out the following resources:

Duolingo – Duolingo is a very handy app that’s easy to use as well as being free of charge. By downloading the app you can learn Welsh wherever you are, and you can tailor your daily lessons to a length you have time for. Even 5 minutes a day can help to improve your Welsh a lot!

Say Something in Welsh – SSIW is a website that is also free. Different to Duolingo, you start by learning one sentence without having to commit by signing up. You can also choose which dialect you would like to learn (North or South) and you can change this at any point. It is also split into different lessons, so you can sign in whenever suits you and complete the lessons in your own time and at your own pace.

Open University – this may sound a bit too official, but there’s no need to worry (we don’t expect you to do a degree!). This is another free course aimed at beginners. Not only does it teach you helpful words and phrases for conversational Welsh, but it also gives some insights into Welsh culture (especially helpful for anyone who has moved here from outside of Wales).

Welsh Government – the Welsh Government’s website also offers a wide range of courses and resources. Some are free and some you have to pay for, but all are helpful. Some go into more depth than others so if you decide you would like to learn more than beginners or conversational Welsh, you have the option to learn more with a more in-depth course. 

Fill in the form below (in Welsh!) to request your Welsh Speaker Badge:

I anfon y bathodyn