Onboarding Programme

Welcome to Scouts Môn! Thank you for volunteering with the Scouts. To make the most of your time with us there are a number of activities you need to complete. The activities are pulled together in an integrated “Getting Started” training programme. The programme covers diverse but important subjects including:

  • The fundamentals of Scouting including its structure and the support provided
  • Safety, Safeguarding including Child Protection and Anti-Bullying
  • Privacy (GDPR)
  • Adventurous activities, qualifications and permits
  • The importance of Welsh to Scouting in Wales
  • Tools for the role including the Youth empowerment, Scout Promise and Law, World Membership Badge, Uniform
  • Further volunteer training available (aka The Wood Badge).

Some of them are training, some orientation and one or two are just for fun!

To get started, your training advisor should have sent you an invitation via e-mail for Canvas. If you haven’t received an email, you can request one here.

When you have completed the programme, you will be awarded this digital badge that you share with colleagues and friends on social media. (Want a sneak preview? Just click on it!)

Digital credential awarded on successful completion of Onboarding Programme
Scouts Môn Digital Badge