District Resources

Here you’ll find various resources for your Group or Section, such as posters, books and how-to guides. If there’s content that’s out of date, incorrect or missing, then contact us, tell us what’s wrong and we’ll have it sorted in a jiffy!

Welsh Scouting Posters

Hang these up in your hut to help introduce your Group to Welsh Scouting. Double sided, A3.





Welsh Scouting Phrasebooks

Download these phrasebooks to help you deliver your programmes through the medium of Welsh. We’d recommend each Group/Section has a Full Phrasebook, and that each leader, helper or instructor has a Pocket Phrasebook.

Welsh Pocket Phrasebook

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Includes instructions on how to fold the paper into a little pocket-sized book.

Full Welsh Scouting Phrasebook

Social Media Guides

Does your Group have a Facebook group or page, or an Instagram or Twitter page? If so then we’d recommend you download one of our handy Social Media Guides, which help advise you on everything from content, staying on brand and how to reel in followers and likes.

English Social Media Guide

Welsh Social Media Guide

Best Practice Booklet

This booklet is aimed for Section Leaders, Group Scout Leaders and District Team members. It highlights some amazing tips and titbits of information gathered from people involved in recruitment, volunteering, training and working with young people, from all over the globe. In it you can find tips on how to grow your Section, recruiting adult helpers and encouraging to stay, and generally how to make Scouting on the island the best that it can be.

Currently only available in English – we’re working on it!