by Adrian Williamson

While there’s been no face to face Scouting at the Talwrn site we’ve still had to maintain keep the site as though it were being used. This has included strimming the lane within the site, strimming around the campfire and orchard.

As part of the SSSI management we’ve had eight Dexters on site doing what’s called conservation grazing – they’re hardy beasts who don’t just graze on grass.

Allied with this we have a mid summer cut to repress brambles and bracken. We’ve now also pretty much eradicated the Himalayan Balsam on site too.

There’s also a hefty crop of Damsons for those interested in jam and preserve making. There’s also tart apples and plenty of sloes.

A massive thanks goes out to Dewi (grazier), Adi (land management), Geraint (mowing), and John (strimming) for all their hard work in keeping the campsite top-notch! Hopefully we’ll return to face to face Scouting in the Autumn and make full use of our brilliant site.